About us

EspanolTrade was founded with the vision of creating a simple and transparent platform for all traders and investors to be able to trade and invest on the global markets.

We provide investors with a diverse range of investment products. Our main focus has been on emerging and rapid growth markets, with an emphasis on forex, stocks, and other top performing crypto currencies. We follow the highest ethical standards when developing our trading strategies.

EspanolTrade provide opportunities for individuals, groups, families, companies and other groups that may not be professionals in the field to meaningfully engage and benefit from financial markets and expertly managed portfolios. As traders and investors, we ensure not only that your funds are working, but they are put into well-planned and strategically diversified portfolios. We guarantee transparent returns with fair management fees.

about us

At EspanolTrade, we offer cutting-edge technology in trading and investment for crypto-currencies, forex, and online electronic brokerage to active individual and institutional traders around the globe. The service we provide enable individuals and corporate entities and others who do not have a background in these field to actively participate in financial and stock markets and to benefit from expertly managed trading and investment portfolios.

With EspanolTrade, you have access to a unique service that provides you with access to highly experienced traders. By utilizing CFDs and forex instruments, we have carefully selected Strategy Managers whose investment styles vary. Some use opportunistic trading, others use technical analysis, systematic models, and volatility. A variety of alternative investment portfolios are available to you, on your own account.



Trade Stocks, Commodities and Forex with endless trading opportunities.

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We use DDOS attack prevention, and Secure Socket Layer encryption in order to protect our assets and our client data.


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Regulation & Funds

As a regulated broker we must maintain high levels of capitalization, transparency and reporting. Our clients’ funds are segregated from our own in Tier 1 banks.

Instant Withdrawals

Our Deposits and withdrawals are all processed instantly after they are requested. Note: Minimum withdrawal is only $50.

Great Customer Support

You are important to us, which is why we offer reliable support services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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